Long Range 2-Way Voice PERS

The BOB 7500 Personal Emergency Response System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product designed for medical alert applications. The table-top console provides pushbutton emergency assistance to anyone who desires additional security and peace of mind. For the visually impaired, each button on the console is molded with Braille characters to identify the button's function.


The console can receive signals from up to 16 wireless transmitters. Activating a transmitter causes the console's digital communicator to send the appropriate alarm report to the central monitoring station via the standard telephone network. In addition to the Care Center report, audible and visual indications occur and the alarm relay energizes during an emergency activation. The BOB 7500 holds all the same fuctioning of the standard BOB 3600 plus more!


The systems cover a 5,000 sq ft home and can go an additional 100 ft or more into the yard. (Actually 600 ft line-of-sight). The BOB 7500 is a great solution for those in larger homes or need two-way voice communication over longer ranges.


  • 8 Programmable Reminder Messages - message acknowledgement can be monitored or unmonitored by the Care Center

  • 2-Way ClearVoice 'Hands Free' Connection - subscriber can talk hands free to the Care Center or Callers by pressing the pendant button

  • Various wearable and mounted detectors (wristband, neck pendant, panic button, or large remote push button)

  • Emergency call initiation and pick-up of incoming calls using wearable remote transmitters

  • Built-in, two-way speakerphone - with high-volume setting and high-sensitivity microphone

  • 24/7 Care Center Monitoring

  • Personalized Emergency Response Protocols

  • Care Center can talk to and view the subscriber profile, send help, remind, and reassure, all remotely

  • Comprehensive anti-failure protection features - including power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 32-hour backup battery, and programmable periodic test

  • Enhanced Personal Response System with the BEST RANGE in the industry

  • Voice Prompted SystemCentral Station Compatible

  • Long Range (600 ft open range)Water ResistantPendant with built in speaker and microphone

  • Multiple Device Management

  • Monitored System Check & Battery Back-up