Cellular PERS



No landline, No problem! CST has an integrated standard personal emergency response system and wireless system built in one! The system can be utilized whether you have a landline phone or not. It has a built-in 2 way communication system that is “hands free” so there is no need to make it to the phone. The communication pathway, although the system utilizes the cellular network, it is way more reliable than a cell phone. The reason is simple; it is stationary and does not require full cellular coverage to work. It works off the AT&T Network cellular towers in the subscriber’s area. In addition, while we prefer that the subscriber have a cell phone, it’s not required!


  • Petite waterproof pendant or bracelet

  • High performance receiver allows 600+ foot range

  • 60+ hours battery life

  • Uses both 3G technology

  • 2-Way ClearVoice ‘Hands Free’ Connection – subscribers can talk hands free to the Care Center or Callers by pressing the pendant button