The system has a battery back-up that will operate the unit for up to 32 hours after an electrical outage. When power is restored the battery recharges, so it is ready for future power outages.

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What happens if the electricity goes out?

Depending on a variety of factors, our 2-Way ClearVoice technology can often allow clear communication from several rooms away. In the event you are unable to communicate with us, due to choking, stroke, or heart attack, we will dispatch emergency services to your home.

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How close to a console do I have to be to be heard?

You should check with your health and home insurance provider to see if they will cover all or a portion of your life and home safety system. We do not submit claims, so you would need to seek payment through your provider on a reimbursement type basis.

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Is your service covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance?
What happens if I accidently set off my alarm?

If you should accidentally set off your alarm that is OK. Simply tell the operator you speak with, that you have accidentally pressed the button. They will then disconnect and no further action will be taken. We are here 24 hours a day and happy to assist you.

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Pendant range is generally 1,000 feet. Depending on a variety of factors, such as distance and construction type, your pendant may work if you are outside. If we receive an alarm and you are unable to communicate with us, we will dispatch emergency services.

Does the pendant work outside the home?

Should we have to call paramedics, we would immediately call any friends, neighbors, or family members on your contact list that have a key to your home and live close enough to meet rescue and open the door. You can also hide a key outside or we have a realtor type lock box available where you can place a hidden key and we will give the combination to emergency service personnel at the time of the emergency.

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How will the paramedics get into my home?