Mobile PERS with GPS


We have the latest personal mobile medical alert system and is for patients with active lifestyles. This system is cellular-enabled and designed to provide personal emergency response services whether the patient is at home, away from home, and even in the shower. It is a must have for patients who take walks outside, ride bikes, drive their own cars, have a workout regimen, do work outside the home, as well as other active outside activities and want to have peace of mind.

Unique characteristics.

  • Highly water resistant

  • Cellular enabled – uses GPS satellites to find subscriber’s location

  • Fall down detection available

Q: How do I turn off my unit?

A: To turn off the GPS unit, press the button once and release then quickly press the button a second time and hold. You will be asked to confirm shut down-- release and press button to confirm.


Q: How do I turn on/restart my unit?

A: For initial setup: press and hold the buttom for 4-6 seconds. A sequence of chimes will sound and a light will indicate tha the power is now on. To restart: after turning off your unit using the steps indicated in the previous question, press and hold the button 10-12 seconds for the power up sequence to start.


Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: The unit can quick charge in 30 minutes providing a 50% battery life. It will take 4 hours to fully charge.


Q: Is the unit waterproof?

A: The GPS unit is water resistant, designed to be worn in the shower. Fully submerging underwater is not recommended.