Medication Management System

One of the top reasons people are re-admitted to the hospital is due to missed medication doses or taking the wrong dose. While there are many reasons people do not take their medication as prescribed, the most frequent answer is: simply forgot.


  • Ensures Proper Medication Dosing Every Time

  • Prevents Missed Doses

  • Provides Reassurance and Well-being

  • Reduces Stress and Worry for Caregivers

How it works

  • We work with you and/or your caregivers to set up your medication dosage schedule.

  • At the scheduled times, the medication dispenser distributes single or multiple medications up to four times a day from the locked container.The tray then automatically rotates clockwise and triggers the reminder signal.

  • Opening the container door silences the signal for that dose and resets the unit for the next dose.

  • Most importantly, MMS will contact our Care Center when medication doses are skipped, so appropriate follow-up can be made with you and your caregivers.

  • The tray regulates 28 consecutive doses based on your schedule and needs and has a 48 hour battery back-up.

  • Reduces stress.

Combine MMS with a PERS for more Peace of Mind!