Mobile PERS.

The latest personal mobile medical alert system, and is for patients with active lifestyles. This system is cellular-enabled and designed to provide personal emergency response services whether the patient is at home, away from home, and even in the shower.

Enchanced PERS.

Enhanced Personal Emergency Response System provides reminder messages as well as the option of both a water resistant neck and wrist pendant at the range of up to a 1000 feet. The console can receive signals from up to 16 wireless transmitters.

Cellular PERS.

No Landline? No problem! An integrated standard personal emergency response system and wireless system built in one! It works off the AT&T Network cellular towers in the subscriber's area. In addition, while we prefer that the subscriber have a cell phone, it's not required!

Fall Down Detection PERS.

Fall detection personal emergency response system has a dual fall detector and an audible alert pendant. The pendant can be worn around the neck or the waist and alerts the Care Center when it senses the rapid motion of a patient as they fall. This system is a must have for patients with epilepsy, have a high tendency to fall or have an unsteady gate.

Long Range, 2-Way Voice PERS.

Long range, 2-way voice communication personal emergency response system does everything our enhanced PERS and more! This system covers a 5,000 sq. ft. home and an additional 100 ft+ outside the home (600 ft. line-of-sight). This PERS allows the patient to speak 2-way into the pendant to the Care Center.

Taking medication on-time has never been easier!

  • Automatically triggers a reminder signal each time you are scheduled to take a dose.

  • Ensures proper medication dosing every time.

  • Prevents missed doses.

  • Provides reassurance and well-beingReduces stress and worry for care givers.

Medication Management

8200 Mobile PERS

Mobile, cellular-enabled communication device designed to provide you 24/7 Care Center assistance at home and on the go.